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About Us

 Welcome to Spencers Marine Supply & Consignment. 

 Whatever your needs may be from custom rope splicing done in house, to state of the art navigation systems, Spencers has it all. In addition to an array of chandlery services, Spencers also fully stocks high quality brand name products including, but not limited to:​

  • Paints & Adhesives

  • Pumps, Piping & Components

  • Electrical Items (wiring, batteries, lighting)

  • Railing Accessories and Peripherals

  • Marine Barbecues  

  • Bilge Pumps

  • GPS

  • Crab traps

  • Fenders

  • Ropes & Chains

  • Fastenings and Hinges

Do you have spare parts, equipment or a boat collecting dust?

We offer a fast moving consignment service that will get your items out of the garage and cash in your pocket.

Spencers Marine Supply & Consignment is dedicated to delivering the greatest experience possible to our customers.


- We Look Forward To Seeing You Soon -

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